Carbon Fiber Collection

Inspiration behind Carbon Fiber Collection are the curves of Qatar’s Al Janoub Stadium (2014 - 2019), designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Given the stadium’s context within the coastal city of Al Wakrah, design reflects the maritime heritage of its location; in particular, the traditional boat of the region, the dhow.

The stadium’s roof design is an abstraction of the hulls of dhows turned upside-down and huddled together to provide shade and shelter. This is expressed in the stadium’s envelope geometry, details and selected materiality, including the roof’s beam structure that echoes the interior structure of a dhow’s hull.

The stadium’s opaque roof and wall areas are expressed as pleated cross sections. This feature, which has its origins in Arabic motifs and calligraphy, adds texture to the outer shell and also emphasizes the stadium’s unique geometry.

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